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Originally Posted by Plowboy View Post
And why should they reflect the joke of a meeting that is held at the banquet each year? Do you think even .1% of the membership was represented? Hold it in a hotel with no dial in or Web conferencing capabilities for those who aren't traveling to the banquet location. Hold it on Friday afternoon when some people who are going to attend the banquet are still traveling. What kind of a representation should be expected with a recipe like that?

#1 recommendation on the meeting agenda should be how to get quality rules feedback from the membership. I'm betting that there aren't hundreds of cook teams begging to cook white meat chicken. While I'm on the topic of chicken, most teams will tell you that it is probably the hardest to figure out and yet the easiest KCBS meat to cook. I think the entry offers its own set of challenges unique to the other three regardless if you are turning in thighs, breasts, wings or lollypops legs (which has always surprised me that it isn't sculpting). I'm going to start a "save the breasts" campaign.
I'm in!!
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