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Default lookin fer advice

see fire box behind, but basically directly under smokebox

Current fire baffling system, that just isnt cutting it....

fire box directly under smoke chamber and hole where 5" curved stack is goin(48" long)

ok, so here's my dilema... this is my beast, my homemade stick burner, it's a bear to git goin, and keep up to temp, and when i gotta add fire back to it, it flares up like a motherfarker.... so im thinkin of modin it into a semi "reverse" flow, by adding a plate of 1/4 in aluminum diamondplate that i have layin out back... oh and i got my semitractor 5" chrome stack on it's way along with a couplefew cans of grill paint so i can finish it out

First question is, does aluminum give off hazardous properties when heated up, i know burnin aluminum cans give off haz smoke junk... is it the same with aluminum, i mean it wont be getting anywhere close to meltin temp of aluminum and it's 1/4 in thick so would distribute heat well enuff...right???

Second, should I put firebricks under the plate (lining the barrel) or not???

the plan is to cut the plate so it will drop in and out with ease,(for cleaning when it needs) putting it like 3-4 in under the grate... is that enough space for everything to be copesetic??

any and all info would be a great help!! thanks all!!
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