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Originally Posted by BBQchef33 View Post
Maybe im being naive, but I woiuld like to be 100% positive that NPDH, was never meant as a word war, or meant to be viscious. Surely it was always just friendly jabs. Problem was, unless a member has been around and knew that, it was being taken the opposite, and other times it was just 'enuf already', and folks were tired of it. Like Arlin, I am really surprised at how many folks agreed.

Regarding the editing of folks pictures.. I havent seen it, but I can see that torquing some folks. It was pointed out to me once by a moderator, and i believe the photo was taken down by the tweaker(??.. not sure).

Regarding the subscriptions. As most know, it is VERY hard to be 'kicked to the curb' in this forum. Aside from Spammers, we have officially banned only 4 members in 7 years who repeatedly ignored warnings or insisted on doing as they please. There must be serious infractions of our rules, and blatent disregard for moderators guidance. That being said, a subscription does not make anyone immune to action if they disregard the rules, the moderators guidance or our cultural expectations. They will be simply be locked out with their $ back.
Thats good to know, only 4 members in 7 years. I'd say thats a great low number.
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