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Originally Posted by Lake Dogs View Post
Jimmy, nice lookin' brisket. I'm curious, is that from The Jack?

Congrats on beating Myron and team Bub-Ba-Q. I know of
both and they're both on their game this past season. Great
job (at the Jack)!!!

I did also notice, you guys are from Florida and competing in
The Jack (Tennessee), all areas where judges are more accustomed
(from what I've personally experienced) seeing boxes sans garnish.

I wonder if folks from IA or MO see the same frequently? <--- this
is just a curiosity question; not trying to make a point whatsoever.
Jimmy and Chris, My sincere apologies to you both. In a complete
dain-bramaged moment, clicking back and forth between your two
URL's (on your signatures), I obviously confused you. My bad,
and my apologies. Sorry!

For those needing/requiring a road map as to how on earth someone
could unimaginably do something so stupid, I offer this pic:

Hance - Lake Dogs Cooking Team - MiM/MBN/GBA CBJ and comp cook
Lake Sinclair, GA (strategically about an hour from darn near anywhere)
Started competing in chili cookoffs back in the 1990's and have competed in more than I care to count. I became a CBJ in MiM in 2005, then MBN and in GBA in 2010. I've probably judged 130+- BBQ comps (sanctioned and unsanctioned) over this time. That said, I really enjoy competing more than I enjoy judging, and hope to get back to doing 4 or 5 a year in the near future.
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