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I'm writting a take on this post and it might be way off. I would like to think if I had joined, donated and bought the subscription that I would feel a little more scure/worry free from getting kicked to the curb because of a few jabbs. Now yes I can understand if a person just blatantly hammers a person day in and day out, member or not, and maybe some people are reading into the comment "NO PICS DIDN'T Happen? I CAll BS" a little slap in their face. I am not one of them by the way, I don't use the comment that often. One of my rescent post got the "NO Pic Didn't happen" comment, but I made light of it, searched the web for a cute little pic and posted on my post, made some folks laugh as I recall. Any way I didn't take the Site Administrator and Grand PooBah comments personal.
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