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somebody shut me the fark up.
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Originally Posted by BobBrisket View Post
I think we ALL need to be reminded that just because you purchase a subscription or donate to the site does not mean you can say and do as you please. And as Phil stated, regardless of how long you have been a member or how much you have shelled out, "anyone can be fully moderated and locked out." Let's remember that no one is above this. Many times, this type of attitude is what leads to "word wars" and an overall negative attitude. Also, it's worse when the sarcastic remarks and jabs come from members who already know how things run around here. Anyone who has been here for a length of time and knows the atmosphere should actually be setting the tone for new members and setting example as well.

Probably wasn't my place to say this, but I did anyway cause it seems that from time to time new members (and some not so new ones) join and have this attitude in mind. That kind of attitude DOES NOT represent what this place is all about.
Just my .02.


P.S. New button is pretty cool. By any chance is there a button with a "different" finger sticking up? Sometimes one of those buttons is needed too................LMAO!! J/K, J/K!!!
Nicely said, Bob. Thanks! Sometimes the toughest decision for us weenies behind the curtain to make is to chose between letting the members police themselves or jumping in with a machete. From comments I've seen over the years I think we're doing it right, but a lot of it comes from the qualities YOU bring to the board. Sure, some of you (and you can't pay me enough to mention names ) need some guidance every once in a while, but we all do sometimes.

Thanks for being the Brethren & Sistern, folks. I really don't think there's a another group like you.

Oh, and please don't let something that bugs you sit and fester. I was really surprised at the number of folks who weren't posting because of the 'no pix' thing. Holler at us, publically or privately, if you need to. That's why we get the big bucks. ;)

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