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Originally Posted by brotherbd View Post
Thanks for the response on the making of a donor drum lid.

Now it looks like i gotta buy an anvil.

Unless someone has a better idea, I really hope so, anvils are $60 at harbor freight.

I was wondering if anyone had pit an inner rim around the donor lid to make it fit and seal. Just a thought.

I was in sheet metal job shops for about 15 years, but, alas no brake, no shear, no 1/2 million 32 die cnc punch press now if I had access to one the old shops..., well it wouldn't be a UDS then would it, it would be art.

Anyway, I'm looking to getting around to making two or more of these.

I do have another question.

I've been cooking using LP on an Smokey Mountain smoker for the last couple of years, so i'm not familiar with charcoal either lump or brickette.
I've seen postings that have raised the problems of too much moisture in the charcoal wreaking havock on uneven burns.

Here's the question .... ( I know some of you are glad I finally got there)
If it's stored in the garage or even an extra drum with a lid could you still end up with a moisture problem?

A) An anvil from HF is not an anvil, it's a horrible mockery of an anvil that was brought into this world with evil intent and bad juju. You don't need an anvil, hammer it out on a concrete pad or a piece of wood like smokin d suggests.

B) The moisture problem with charcoal is from leaving the unburnt charcoal in the firebasket between cooks. Charcoal soaks up ambient moisture in the air pretty well, so consider getting a metal bucket with a tight fitting lid to put the unused charcoal into. That will serve two functions: (1) reuse unused charcoal (2) trap the charcoal and prevent you from burning your house down with a piece that didn't apper to be lit.

Charcoal comes in paper bags because the bags absorb the moisture before the charcoal does.

95% of cooking outdoors well is proper fire management. Just get going wit' it and you'll learn what to do and what not to do real quick. :-) My guess as to why people suggest to smoke ABTs and fatties and Armadillo eggs first is because they are pretty hard to ruin from practice heat. Easier to ruin from bad smoke though....

Good luck and have fun!
James. I use a Char-Griller: the gateway smoker.
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