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Originally Posted by BBQchef33 View Post
Admin note:

one more time.

it seems some folks have chosen to take this thread to an extreme opposite of what I intended and scatter snide comments in other threads in qtalk and comp. If anyone needs it spelled out again, I did NOT say not to post pics, I simply said its OK if you don't.

Our member base grows every day, and this thread as well as numerous PMs to me on this subject has proven that the we were right in our thought process in that folks were either intimidated or are just NOT posting because they don't have photos. That is NOT how we operate. No one should feel uncomfortable here, especially when it comes to sharing information. In the case of our photos in posts, we want both.. posts with photos AND photoless posts. That is NOT unreasonable. For those that normally post pics, great, and thank you, but for those that were sitting on the side lines not posting to avoid being jabbed with a fork for being photoless, pleasenow feel free to post your experiences, sans photos.

Im not amused by the sarcasm and jabs being thrown around qtalk regarding this thread. It is not often that I post something as the founder of this forum to adjust our direction or reinforce our culture, and when I do I expect it to be understood and not ridiculed. If you do not like whats is posted here, there are plenty of other forums for you to visit.

If any one person continues to push that envelope, they will find themselves under full moderation until they get the point, where any and all of their posts will need to be reviewed and released by a moderator before it goes public. If it continues, you will be locked out permanently. I hate to be a prick about this, but i don't like anyone poking me in the eye.

On edit.. folks, this is NOT referencing any of the normal OT banter in this thread.
I think we ALL need to be reminded that just because you purchase a subscription or donate to the site does not mean you can say and do as you please. And as Phil stated, regardless of how long you have been a member or how much you have shelled out, "anyone can be fully moderated and locked out." Let's remember that no one is above this. Many times, this type of attitude is what leads to "word wars" and an overall negative attitude. Also, it's worse when the sarcastic remarks and jabs come from members who already know how things run around here. Anyone who has been here for any length of time and knows the atmosphere should actually be setting the tone for new members and setting the example as well.

Probably wasn't my place to say this, but I did anyway cause it seems that from time to time new members (and some not so new ones) join and have this attitude in mind. That kind of attitude DOES NOT represent what this place is all about.
Just my .02.


P.S. New button is pretty cool. By any chance is there a button with a "different" finger sticking up? Sometimes one of those buttons is needed too................LMAO!! J/K, J/K!!!
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