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Originally Posted by Chuckwagonbbqco View Post
BBQ Chef
I am glad that you made remarks concerning the posting or not posting of pictures. I once posted about a catering event that we did and someone posted that if there were no pictures then it didn't happen. It may have been a joke to them, but to me it said "You are a liar." I replied that my saying is "If you are not holding a check it didn't happen.

As a result of these posts I basically quit posting. I do what I do and people that know me also know what I do---I really didn't need to post here and be called a liar.

So posting of pictures can intimidate some people, or snide remarks about not posting pictures can infuriate others.

Once again thanks for addressing this issue.

Leonard Sanders Chuck Wagon BBQ Co.

If there is anyone left who just doesn't get it, I will point out that chuckwagons reaction is NOT unique. Since posting this thread, i have received NO LESS than 20 private messages from members stating similar reactions. Some stopped posting completely, others just dont share experiences, or do it less.

I hope at this point, its a closed issue and the points made. The redundant "no pic, didn't happen" phase here needs to be reduced.. a time and place for everything and use discretion.

I hope, in the future, when members see issues like this that can become a widespread or ongoing problem, point it out to us.. we take the stuff seriously and will work to correct things where we can.

and Chuckwagon... the coast is clear. :) start posting again!! :)
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