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Originally Posted by Lake Dogs View Post
> However, you're right on one
point, only 1 KCBS event so far. The rest have been FBA, GBA, MIM,
and MBN. KCBS has very little traction in Georgia (as compared to
the whole/total)

Second, 'round here, KCBS is frankly a wanna be. It may be and IMHO
IS a superior organization, HOWEVER, there's about 1 KCBS cookoff in
this state to every 5 FBA, GBA, MBN cookoffs. King perhaps in your
neck of the woods, but not here, not yet. Strangely, I'm one of the
ones working hard trying to get that changed. Folks in GA have rarely
ever heard of KCBS...
I've got to call you on that:

Contests in Georgia in 2009
  • KCBS - 10
  • GBA - 8? (no historical data on website)
  • MBN - 7
  • FBA - 5
I don't get that statement, unless you are saying ALL of the sanctioning bodies have "very little traction in Georgia". I think your viewpoint is being skewed by what you see in your immediate neighborhood again.
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