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Carolina ribs are my specialty. I buy 6 racks, and I butcher the ones out of my whole hog and smoke them seperatly above the hog to give a little appetizer.

I brine the ribs 6-12 hours beforehand with the same sauce i inject, and use on the whole hog.

apple cider vinegar,
pressed apple cider,
crushed red pepper, may have to grind to fit fit through injector needle
black pepper,
white pepper,
worchestershire, and
texas pete

Sorry dont have exact proportions. Ive been eyeballing it for 10 years. Ill make another batch and measure it.

Before they go on the grill I have injected my carolina ribs between the bone with the same sauce.

Do not use maple! Its good for bacon and pancakes but bacon is the only meat you want to taste like bacon.

If your using apple in your marinade, brine, and sauce, use apple wood. If you only have apple chips use a mild wood like oak (lots in carolina). To keep the applewood flavor, stay away from hickory, alder, mesquite, pecan. They dont go well with it.
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