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somebody shut me the fark up.
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Originally Posted by SirPorkaLot View Post
I ask the same doesn't make sense, but it sure does appear to be the case.

My chicken does well in comps...why? they are perfectly manicured thighs, that I spend waaay to much time on getting to look like that...

the chicken i make in the backyard for the family tastes a hell of a lot better though, and has a better texture IMHO, but would not do well in comps.
You're absolutely right! Backyard barbeque tastes much better than comp barbeque if you have to eat more than a few bites of it! Comp barbeque HAS to be "over the top" to grab the attention of a judge who may only take one bite (or nibble as the cooler... errrrrr I mean CASE may be). Therefore you have to spend a lot of time on it. I not only spend a lot of time with my "perfectly manicured thighs" but ALL categories. However, to say I spend too much time on them is absurd! You can't spend too much time on them (unless of course you go beyond the turn-in window). It's just part of competition barbeque. It simply is what it is.

One other point to make - someone once told me NEVER to give up a single appearance point just because it's the lowest weighted score. I live by that and my overall scores went up. I'll tell you why it seems the way you said - because there are so many great or even just good cooks out there anymore that you can't afford to let a thing slip, no matter how minor it seems. At one contest in 2008, a difference of 0.5714 made a difference in $750 for us. As close as scores are, it takes all three criteria to win. You don't manicure your thighs and you won't be taking a walk... simple as that.
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