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Originally Posted by Jeff_in_KC View Post
Hance, this is an annual occurance. I suppose you've never been at a KCBS Rules Meeting. Those who hate garnish come out EVERY year and have for years! There was (or is) a Web site something like or similar where folks can go sign some "petition" to get rid of it. I believe some people get tired of this because of the continual argument against it, not because you brought up the discussion. This debate is kind of like the Missouri-Kansas sports rivalry... the hatred pre-dates both schools. Well, this agrument pre-dates your thread by MANY years. Please don't take it personal.
Thanks. No, haven't been to KCBS Rules Mtg... I definitely dont want
to come off as a hater at all. KCBS ROCKS, IMHO. I surely didn't want
to question something... I'm trying to find the word... sacrosanct?

Of course, Jeff, you know a little more than others to what degree
I personally believe in KCBS and want to see it flourish... However,
we'll keep that between us. It's still there, by the way, where we
left it.

Sorry, yes, I took it personal. I'll try not to. Georgia really has just
gotten a few KCBS cookoffs going in the last few years. We saw 2
new KCBS cookoffs last year in Kennesaw and at Lake Oconee. We
have at least another new one in Rome this year. They're really
starting to take off. Matter of fact, I'm working closely with the organizers
of 2 cookoffs that have been doing MBN "style" cookoffs but have been
having a tough time getting them sanctioned because if they sanctioned
their cookoffs they'd lose 80% of their local teams (defeating their
purpose). The reason they'd lose those teams has to do with the
on site and the volume of meat required. Enter KCBS (or possibly FBA,
GBA, etc.). Both will probably try KCBS "style" this year (these folks
dont jump in whole-hog without a try first) as I've been plugging along
for a couple years now. We'll see how they like it. I think the teams
are really going to like the single turn-in (last year they had to scrape
together enough meat for that 2nd turn-in, they'd been eating it all).
Then, once sanctioned, I've explained that they'll open up their
competition to a whole new lot of teams that they haven't seen before.

It's all good.
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