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I have finished in the top 5 in categories and overall without using garnish. It froze in my frig and none of it was any good. I got creative and filled the box. So it can be done.

Just some quick thoughts. Jeff well stated. I believe big time in traditions and/or history. It is what these foundations of great things are built. To change them, just because the vocal minority wants to, is ridiculous.

I would also bet that the majority of the vocal minority are inexperienced cooks, who have competed less than a handful of times. It's funny, I never hear people beotch about garnished boxes at comps. Went to one last year in Massachusetts, no one complained about not being able to use parsley. Everyone just went on with their business and did it with lettuce. It's what has made and separated KCBS from other sanctioning bodies. When you are at the top, folks take shots.

I hate to say it folks. If you don't like it, I'd suggest finding a new sanctioining body. It's been nice knowing you. Hope to see you soon. As long as KCBS is king, expect greens.

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