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Originally Posted by Jeff_in_KC View Post
So you can't make a nice looking parsely putting green? Is that what you're telling us?

Originally Posted by Jeff_in_KC View Post
Lame or not, the KCBS has a deep respect for it's late founder, Gary Wells, and the way he set it up and envisioned it and as long as his wife is Executive Director, it's not going anywhere. I think at the heart of everything, some people who defend garnish do so out of respect for the person responsible for our organization. That's a battle haters are never going to win.
For one I am not a hater by any means....and I can respect...the respect..if you will.
I place a high value on traditions, and understand the resistance to change, but still struggle to understand how garnish adds anything to the process.

Originally Posted by Jeff_in_KC View Post
And speaking of the "death knell of creativity", let's see how creative you can get with a single sheet of foil. You know, it is also said that change for change sake is ridiculous as well.

At the end of the day, garnish is still OPTIONAL. That means you may use it or you may choose not to (in case anyone was wondering). If you don't like it, don't want to waste your money or time, don't like wasting food or taking a chance on poisoning judges with E coli, just don't use it.
It is not optional....if you want to win...Can anyone name a top 5 winner in KCBS that submitted a box without garnish?

Of course that goes back to traditions as well.

Much like doesn't matter how good your chicken is cooked (or tastes), if it is not a perfectly manicured thigh - you will not be getting a call.

We can debate it until we are blue in the face, but customs are hard to break, and I doubt the rules will ever be changed to reflect reality, so we will continue to compete using the rules we are given.

However the debate does do some good, as it gets people to thinking and discussing other options.
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