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Originally Posted by Plowboy View Post
I'm going to start posting in red so people take me more seriously.

While reading that, I was waiting for Phil to exclaim that someone spilt his Yoohoo.

I do that for a reason.

I've been accused of being the 800-lb gorilla when I post because 'Im me" as I've been told. Sometimes, when BBQchef33 posts, its taken as moderator, admin, as I'm passing judgement, making rules, etc.. When actually, its just me messing around.

problem is, I need to be (Bbqchef33) 99.99% of the time and occasionally .01% I need to be ADMIN. This holds true for the moderatores who post as themselves most of the time, but occasionally have to step into a suit and sunglasses and post AS MODERATOR.

So I can either login as Admin, which is a pain in the butt, I loose the setting in my cookies, and folks cant be sure which of the admins(me, jorge, or badger) are posting. Or i can put in an ADMIN NOTE: And post in red under my regular ID. That way its clear I'm posting as ADMIN and it is taken seriously, and not just glanced over or ignored.

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