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Default Not to proud to ask a brother for help

Howdy yall,

I am new to the brotherhood and have been reading on this epic thread for the BDS/UDS.

Now 'member I'm from Texas and there's always a story 'specally 'fore askin' a question.

I have the bug to build a UDS, especially since my new son-in-law after this last Thanksgiving when I smoked a turkey wants a smoker so I want to make one for each of us. (Brings a tear to my eye, a lump in my throat, and my chest puffs out a bit, just thinkin' 'bout the boy with his very first smoker. I'm so proud. )

I have a question before I get started.

I have been given 10 open top barrells with rolled rims, bolt rings, and lids. Don't know what the insides look like yet as they are sealed up, I do know they were used for soil samples from an area small strip mall and have been given green non-hazardous stickers, so I know our 'Q won't glow in the dark or poison us.( 2 very important points.)

I would like to use a couple of them to make high covers instead of using old weber or clone domes (since I don't have any of those), and maybe even rotisery rings like ive seen a few do.

I'm only up to page 130 of the thread so I don't know if this has been asked and answered, if it has please tell me where to look, many thanks.

Here's the question,

I was wondering if any one has specific instructions and/or pics of how to construct the donor drum lids and make them seal tightly?

I think that I've seen somewhere in the thread N8man talking about his but not how he built it.

I just want to get it right the first time to get a good seal.

I'll take lost of pice during the build and post it all for upcoming generations of brethren.

Thanks brothers, in advance

Havent figured out how to get all the stuff
I have to Q and Grill with tha normally goes here
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