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seems i need to clarify a few things.

1 - no where did i say anyone was offended, pissed off, or cranky about the "no pics, didn't happen" comments. No one was "offended". This is my, and the moderating teams observation and we are being proactive in bringining it out before it gets worse.

2 - I also stated "it would be appreciated if its done with discretion" . So, no we are not saying never use it. There are times pics are a MUST, as in when its needed to present the details required to intelligently answer questions.... there is a time and place for everything and there are times when its just not necessary or funny any longer. I am however talking about Qtalk and Comp for the most part.

I appreciate all of you who understand our stance and appreciate our taking a proactive approach in catching this early.. it seems there is a high majority of members in agreement, both publicly and privately. Thanks for supporting our stance.

However, it seems some folks may not agree with this direction,(not based on this thread) thats fine, don't agree.. but its still going to be enforced and if that means deleting posts, so be it.
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