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Originally Posted by chopshop View Post
well now i now who the parsley bandit is. when they were discussing the parsley topic at the kcbs banquet were you the guy holding the sign that said "parsley has feelings too!! LET THEM STAY IN THE BOX"

my boxes look good i hired the local landscaper to get them ready. I too was a new team( ocean county pig assassins) at the 06 guitarbeque and was unsure of what to put in the box for garnish. i think we added a few sprigs of parsley in fear of being disqualified for some silly garnish rule. i think we took a 4th in brisket and 6th in chicken. not bad for 3 drunks cooking on a 25 dollar smoker who never smoked a piece of meat in their lives. if it werent for the old douche next to us who misinformed us on the way we should garnish our boxes we probably would have done better. if you disagree your full of s---! If it were about the meat and only the meat then there would be no parsley in the box. Why is it every time a new suggestion comes out people jump all over it? probably because half the people who compete are not cooks simply people who read a piece of paper the entire contest that tells them when to flip it when to spray it when to take a leak. god forbid there is a change then they have to go back and revise their BBQ schedule. like you i laugh all the way up to the stage to collect the check but i wish i didnt have to sit and pick parsley instead of drinking my vodka. well i got to go i have to go check out what evryone is crying about in the "should we let LP cookers into the kcbs events" section

and BBQs your BFF too, right? This chit sounds mighty familiar.
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