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Originally Posted by Boat-n-BBQ View Post
Whoo, thanks because my pics arent very good anyway!
Like these chickens for example....

Seriously I'm with ya Phil
Dang, I would have like to see that chicken before you cut it up. Oh wait, no pics...

Seriously, there are times and places where "no pics, didn't happen" are ok. Q-Talk doesn't strike me as one of those places, especially if it keeps folks from posting. I haven't been posting a lot of my cooks in Q-Talk lately (even though I generally have pictures) as I spend a bunch of time writing them up in my blog, and rewriting them for Q-Talk can sometimes be a PITA. Bad on me, I suppose, but as others have pointed out, there are times when either the pics aren't that good or look an awful like those I posted last time I made that particular meal.

Now, back to the Woodpile where "no pics, didn't happen" is what keeps most of us out of more trouble...
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