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Default Results of Modifications to my NB American Gourmet Smoker

Okay folks! With the help of a buddy of mine who owns a pipe fitting and welding company, I created a heat shield going into the CC from the FB using some 22 gauge steel that looks sorta like a dryer vent and a heat conductor/diffusing plate that sits on the bottom and covers part of the heat shield on one end and runs over to the other with about 3 mm space before the other end below the grates and the smokestack. The HC/DP has half-moon holes on the edges going down to distribute the heat and the smoke. I have some digital pictures but I don't have any space on the Net I can store them to show what it looks like so I apologize if this frustrates anybody.

After seasoning the metal in a 4 hour fire with bacon grease, I smoked a 12 lb boston butt overnight on July 3rd and did 4 racks of babyback ribs, a rack of spare ribs and a bunch of corn on the cob. I had to add more coals every 3 hours to keep the fire going, but that's no big deal. The thermometer held at 275 degrees up top and at 235 at the grate level. No more excessive heat, hot spots or overcooking.

The boston butt had a nice, carmelized rind formed from the JH Pig Rub I used on it. After an hour resting in the foil, the neckbone popped out easily and the pork had a nice, pink smoke ring under the rind from the applewood. It pulled apart really easily for pulled pork and the meat was so freaking tender, juicy and flavorful. We ran out of bread at the Q on the 4th from everyone pigging out on the pulled pork!

This modification was DA BOMB!!! I adapted the idea from what some of ya'll have done with your banderas--I had to do a different sized heat shield for this NB AGS. And the conductor/diffusing plate was an idea I'd read in another forum. Now, I have a custom-tuned smoker which I know will make great pulled pork, ribs, brisket or whatever else you wanna smoke!!!

Mark it, Dudes!!
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