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I'm sorry, KCBS is not unique in the garnish area, PNWBA, which started at the same time, also allows garnish and uses a similar set of rules for judging, etc.

In TX most carry a paper towel roll to turn in to sop up the juices. Aint that grand, something has to keep the foil from getting soiled.

I have judged in TX and the boxes looked like a jumbled mess as the meat slides around and gets dumped. Of course, they don't judge appearance as the only score given is a 2 to 10. The instructions are if it looks like BBQ, smells like BBQ, tastes like BBQ, then it must be BBQ. Can't have no sauce or juice, must be dry as da bone. Score it 2 to 10.

Come cook if you want, I'll take KCBS/PNWBA with all the faults.
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