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Originally Posted by Ford View Post
Maybe it's nitpicking but I like garnish. It improves presentation.
when people refer to a bed a parsley as a nice presentation it makes me laugh. I feel like a landscaper taking care of someones lawn. its useless, takes alot of time, is unfair to new teams starting out that dont know what to put in their boxes. I know that its written in the rules what an acceptable garnish is but thats just not enough, please no copy and pastes from the rule book. they might as well hand out astro turf pieces to lay in the box. the presentation of the meat should be about the meat, not who could line their parsley up better. I spent lots of money and LOTS of time in culinary school learning how to garnish and parsley beds were never referred to as something that enhanced the presentation of anything. I BET AT PARSLEY CONTESTS THEY DONT LINE THEIR BOXES WITH BRISKET!!!!!
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