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Originally Posted by Lake Dogs View Post
I was merely trying to explain to folks that I'm not anti-KCBS. That'sit. With any luck though, we'll have a few more KCBS cookoffs herein the center of the state in the next few years. And, my appologies, the damned new Macon one went MBN vs. KCBS. I found out about them too late... Still working on that one. Maybe a joint sanctioning in the future...
No worries, I figured you didn't intend to come off the way it sounded.

Your point about most KCBS events being in the northern half of the state is well taken. This isn't by design so much as circumstance. With the long established MIM/MBN shows, FBA gaining traction and now GBA popping up to offer an MBN-like all pork format on a KCBS budget there has been a lot of competition for sanctioning down South.

As for the Macon show, I doubt there is much chance of you swaying those folks since they have been tapped to become the new MBN Championship event in place of Memphis in May starting this year. I cooked there last fall with JOS (my first MBN experience) and I have to say I loved the showmanship aspect of the contest! Not much chance of my regular team doing whole hog though, since we are sponsored by Primo Grills.

Oh and sorry you felt like you were blasted for your initial post. These forums can be pretty contentious at times, and when you put up an opinion post the two best strategies seem to be either to be prepared to defend against all comers or just let your statement stand alone and not address any rebuttals. The good news is will tone down once the weather improves and everyone is busy cooking again instead of debating.


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