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Originally Posted by CivilWarBBQ View Post
I'm sure we all appreciate your enthusiasm. However, there are quite a few folks who have been very active in promoting KCBS here in Georgia for many years, and have been doing a fine job. You might want to get to know some of them before you don the mantle of KCBS prophet for our state.

No offense, just sayin...


I am not a KCBS profit for the state. Will never be. I'm work with
promoters and event coordinators and assist them in which style to
choose and why one makes sense vs. another.

Y'alls focus obviously has been N GA. Finally there's Waynesboro
and Oconee in the central part of the state. They're new, and
small, and wonderful, and I had nothing to do with either.

I was merely trying to explain to folks that I'm not anti-KCBS. That's
it. With any luck though, we'll have a few more KCBS cookoffs here
in the center of the state in the next few years. And, my appologies,
the damned new Macon one went MBN vs. KCBS. I found out about
them too late... Still working on that one. Maybe a joint sanctioning
in the future...

No offense taken. Like I said, I didnt claim to be KCBS profit, I'm not
a KCBS profit, and I never will be a KCBS profit.
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