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Originally Posted by Lake Dogs View Post
You might find it interesting that I've proposed to at very least 14 organizers that they either adopt KCBS rules and sanctioning and/or that they change from GBA and MBN to KCBS. One of the places that I referenced above is changing this coming year to KCBS "style" as a result of my efforts. They want a year of "lets try this" before they go the sanctioning route.... F Y I. I took CASI from 1 sanctioned cookoff in the state to now 8. I plan on doing similar for/with KCBS.
I'm sure we all appreciate your enthusiasm. However, there are quite a few folks who have been very active in promoting KCBS here in Georgia for many years, and have been doing a fine job. You might want to get to know some of them before you don the mantle of KCBS prophet for our state.

No offense, just sayin...

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