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I'm sorry I have to post this - I'm sure it's a fluke. But I guess it's bbq, some things aren't an exact science. I have cooked ribs now a total of 4 times. I pay a lot of attention to what everyone says here, and I'm not the guy to ask for advice on pork. It's all new to me.

I bought a 2 pack of spareribs, after viewing a lot of pron here on the site, I knew I need to try them. The first pack I cooked for 6 hours on the traeger, according to a recipe on the traeger website. It doesn't call for a tin foil cook. I used a crap load of fuel, which is expensive. And the ribs turned out burnt on the thin ends. (no i didn't trim them like you're supposed to.) Those ribs weren't very good. I wasn't very pleased. So the next week I rubbed the next set the same and with a "screw it" attitude - cooked them at 350, on the traeger for 1 hr 15min. And, of course they were phenomenal. I had a co-worker eat the nextday leftovers and say they were the best he had ever eaten. I'm not sure what I did right, or necessarily wrong. But they were great.

Don't panic, I probably won't ever do them that way again, unless I'm really on a time constraint. I have since cooked a few pork ribs using the 3-2-1 method, low and slow, and had exceptional results.

I'm not afraid of making a few mistakes in my career. It will be a learning process I know. But this was an interesting, and unexpected result from a hot and fast cook.

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