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> Hear, hear.
> It's just garnish, it's not rocket science. And yes, it IS fully optional, as we
> have seen teams submit naked boxes and be highly rewarded for them.

I'll lose my $1 here (on the bet), but has there actually been a team who took
1st place in a category sans garnish?

> The "contamination" and "waste" arguments are incredibly weak.

Even I said it was weak (well, I think I said remote).

> When KCBS did respond to a contamination scare, the decision
> was reamed up one side and down the other -- no way to please
> everyone either way, it seems.

Yep, you cant win for losing sometimes. Agreed 100%.

> Somebody with a fragile enough immune system to worry about
> possible contamination from garnish has absolutely no business
> judging a contest where food is prepared by unknown methods,
> in open conditions.

On the one hand, I agree with you. HOWEVER, coming from someone
who is rarely sick with anything (maybe 1 in 10 years I'll get a little
cold), I had the wonderful (sarcasm) experience of contracting salmonella
about 20 years ago. I wont draw you a picture... Lets just say it's
disgusting, nasty, and can kill someone weaker than I was. It was a
complete fluke, but it happened. It's something for the BOD to consider
(taking away that possibility).

> And when it costs a cool thousand bucks to roll out of the driveway
> for one of these gigs, $12 for lavish garnish supplies is not even a factor.

I dont know about you, but we dont get decent greens around here. I
pre-order mine 45 miles away, then drive to get them, and drive back.
That $12 bunch of greens cost me another $10 in gas alone, not to mention
my time in the evening (because I work M-F 6am-5pm). It's just one more
thing on the list...

> There are multiple other sanctioning bodies that are available if garnish is
> such a terribly onerous task.

It's not such an onerous task, and as I stated above, I'm of the opinion that
KCBS is the premier sanctioning body. However, that doesn't mean that there's
not room for improvement. Hell, even I can stand to lose a few pounds.......

> But as my last two years of box photos and score sheets show, it's just
> not about the lettuce.

Never said it was. Plus, appearance score is weighted very low....
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