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Originally Posted by Scottie View Post
KCBS needs to change because of garnish? It's never going to happen folks. Not as long as Carolyn Wells has a part with the KCBS.
Hear, hear.
It's just garnish, it's not rocket science. And yes, it IS fully optional, as we have seen teams submit naked boxes and be highly rewarded for them.

The "contamination" and "waste" arguments are incredibly weak. When KCBS did respond to a contamination scare, the decision was reamed up one side and down the other -- no way to please everyone either way, it seems. Somebody with a fragile enough immune system to worry about possible contamination from garnish has absolutely no business judging a contest where food is prepared by unknown methods, in open conditions. And when it costs a cool thousand bucks to roll out of the driveway for one of these gigs, $12 for lavish garnish supplies is not even a factor.

There are multiple other sanctioning bodies that are available if garnish is such a terribly onerous task. But as my last two years of box photos and score sheets show, it's just not about the lettuce.
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