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Originally Posted by kickassbbq View Post
I like Hot and fast!! But it doesn't work for me on Ribs. They are much to unforgiving.
Anything OVER 300 and they will burn or get too done on you in a heartbeat.

So, for me 300 MAX on Ribs. 250-275 just right.

That's just my opinion and I really don't know Jack Didley anyway.

Yeah thats why I covet your picture of prime rib, kick.

I am in agreement with what Kick says here. In my experience, on my PIT, 250 to about 300 average. I hit 270 with that shut down after they weep. 250 is an accidental temp for me, I mean I don't ever intentionally dial that in. Also, I like the ring to go only part way... not all the way in.

So this is why I don't start off slow like I do briskets. Also starting off slow anbd then ramping up tends to dry the meat. I don't foil so I don't have to worry about it not having enough smoke.
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