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Default What the heck is a fatty?

Seems like we talk about these all the time and it is one of the most asked questions of our new brethren(ette).

Buy yourself a log of breakfast sausage, you know the kind that you slice into patties and fry up in the skillet. Any kind will work, but we have pretty much settled on Jimmy Dean and Bob Evans. Cheaper brands tand to not taste any thing near that of the better brands, but tastes more like fat. Pick a flavor any flavor.

Take a knife and cut the wrapper off being careful to maintain the shape of the log. Place it in the smoker at your normal temps for smoking. Take it to 170 to insure doneness. This takes around 3 hours, but not usually more. I flip mine about half way through to get grate marks accross the top and the bottom.

Remove, slice, and enjoy.

Congratulations, you just smoked a fatty!

Next time, experiment with rubs or marinades if you care.

When they are on sale, I stock the freezer. I never fire up the smoker without tossing on a couple of fatties.

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