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As shown and talked about... this is not the way to to hot and fast ribs. It is using low and slow techniques and then cranking up the heat---- not at all a hot and fast.

Foiling was a way people could get around oversmoking and drying out the meat associated with lower temps. The adding of glazes, mists and liquids also get around the drying tendencies of low and slow.

Now I will make sure you all understand, I do not think low and slow if inferior, there are just rules and strategies with each that must be followed for optimal results.

I made a lot of mistakes in 1994. Foiling and hot and fast was one of them. Not heading the warning to never cheat on the girl I was cheating on my wife with, with a coworker that worked in the same place as my wife and my girlfriend was the other.

Next time give hot and fast a try and use the proper technique. You may get better results. The type that win tournaments as well... somewhere.

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Hey all,

Thought I’d try a shot at hot-n-fast ribs. I’ve been reading about hot-n-fast methods and was a little short on time so what the heck, huh. ( no guts, no glory, right! LoL)

I used Plowboys Yardbird rub and cooked’m at 280* for 2 hours, foiled’m for another hour with apple juice, brown sugar, butter and honey. Unwrapped them, glazed with a bbq sauce and honey mix. Let go for about 20min to set the glaze.

While they tasted real good and I got dinner done on time, I couldn’t win a contest with these. They were so FOB I couldn’t even cut them with a sharp knife without them tearing a little… I think I’ll stay with 235* cook temp and continue “not” to use foil. I have more control at that temp and like the way it comes out better.

It was still a good dinner

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