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ok, wish I'd started about 200 pages ago making one but it was a lot of great info. Did read it all.

2 questions please. What is the best way to get the liner off of the lid to keep from warping the lid? Can you hit it with the weed burner or does it need to be wheeled off?

I am dreading the liner as I am old and fat! After a couple of burns, is it sand blasted off pretty easily?

Finally, I want my firebox to resemble the one where it's like a box with a square handle coming up the barrel. Clear as mud? I took copious notes but I forgot to write down where that build was. Any ideas where it's located? I looked back over it and I can't find the design. Anyone remember, so I don't have to go through each page again? It was closer to the front I think rather than end.

thanks for help
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