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Plans ... Hardware

The microcontroller is a Arduino Duemilanove. You can get it at or any number of other sources. I happen to like Make Magazine.

The WiFi shield is the WiShield from AsyncLabs. This is a plug-and-play WiFi interface for the Arduino. Does almost everything for you easily. You can get it from

The interface chip (and board) is from MakerBot Industries. It's their Thermocouple Sensor Kit 1.0. This requires a little soldering. Very, very easy. Currently $16.

The probe is more complex to order. I ordered it from I use their probe configurator. it's a Flash interface. Takes a little time to load. Go here:
  1. First, select a K-type thermocouple. Press Continue.
  2. For Style, select Transition Joint. Then Rugged Junction. Press Continue.
  3. For Sheath Material, select Super Omegaclad XL. Press Continue.
  4. For Length, select 6". Press Continue. (I'm tempted to see if they'll sell me a 4" probe)
  5. For Diameter, select 0.062 (1/16)". Press continue.
  6. For Junction, select Ungrounded. This has a slower response time (around 5 seconds) but gives better protection against noise. Press Continue.
  7. For Wire Length, select Custom. I chose 60" on my first probe, but picked 120" for my second. Yes, I want a 10-foot lead so I can put my electronics just about anywhere.
  8. For Overbraid option, select Stainless Steel.
  9. For Termination, select Stripped Leads.
  10. Press Get Price.
  11. This gave me part number TJ120-CAXL-116U-6-SB. $51.75.
  12. Press Buy Now and go through checkout.
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