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Originally Posted by MilitantSquatter View Post
I disagree that moisture determines texture and even less taste..

You can boil your ribs, steam them in foil for part of the cook, or have chicken sit in a butter bath or those stupid muffin pans everyone is going crazy over.....

they will all likely be "moist"... but you will not have great texture and maybe not taste as that has more variables.

lol..ok you got me.
I should have said "proper" moisture determines texture.

I do not consider boiling or steaming "BBQ" so i did not figure that into my thought process.

You can certainly have moisture and have poor texture & poor taste.
Boiling/steaming fall into that category.
As does over cooked pork, which may well be moist, but it can also be mushy (mushy = too much moisture).

However - if you have "proper" moisture, and you have cooked your meat "in the BBQ way "[Dr. BBQ mod] then more than likely you will have proper texture and taste.

Now granted taste is subjective, but let's strip it down to the bare bones.

no foil, no sauce, no injections, no glaze, no rubs.

Just meat, wood (or charcoal...and yes..even pellets ) fire, salt & pepper.

This takes it back to the basics of Q.
You master that, then the rest (appearance, glazes, sauces, rubs etc.) is just trial & error.

You do everything else right, but get your meat too dry..texture is poor, and taste goes right with it. (even with a great sauce - shoe leather is shoe leather)

So in my book moisture does in a large way determine texture & taste.
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