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One more comment for those that are in the same condition as Ron (which is a legitimate one) and here's why and how you SHOULD vote.

Okay, so you want to do both. Trying to balance cooking for the judges and the masses is a noble and difficult task.

BUT... if you were teaching a newbie, you WOULD have to settle on one style FIRST, you may teach both, but you would HAVE to teach something first and along the way mention caveats like "now this will win at a tournament but in the back yard its not worth the trouble."

Should a guy that wants to master as quickly as possible the task of desilverskinning 40 racks of ribs? Should they inject 40 butts?

Conversely, should a guy that wants to start his VERY FIRST BRISKET TWO WEEKS BEFORE THE ARK ROYAL by injecting and foiling and what not?

Now yes those are two different people but tell me.... who is gonna waste more brisket? The Guy that can already make a tender, moist, and tasty brisket in his backyard already or the guy reaching for the stars?
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