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Originally Posted by Ron_L View Post
For me, I can't answer the poll since I want to do both. I cook at home for me and the family and I cook at competitions to win. Others will be in the same boat, plus we have plenty of members who don't compete and are only concerned in cooking for themselves and family and another set of members who only cook for competitions because they are tired of BBQ and eat something else at home. This is why we have Q-talk and Competition sections of the forum.
If you exhibit any of the qualities that Ron Prescribes, you will find, it is not possible to actually vote for two. LOL

I am certainly okay with anyone not participating in this poll. Just, if you can, in much the same way we (not even I) do not make commentary in various threads about why we are not commenting, please vote and comment maybe about why.

To RON personally, so we don't get this mixed up, I think he states an EXCELLENT paradox that maybe I should have added in the poll (I can't vote for one because I do both) VERY good comment so I am glad he made it. It is food for thought, but this poll is to get a sort of pecking order. I got an email instance that read

"I already have tender brisket so I can't vote for that" is not the point. What do you master FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who do you cook for FIRST!!!!!!!!

I think anyone who say TO WIN is like the guy who says I already he has a tender brisket. Somewhere along the line, I am willing to bet, your cooking BBQ skills were honed for a group and not competition.

I am surprised with those that chose "Taste" over Texture so I am glad we are doing this poll. I would never have thought that would be the case. This is great food for thought.
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