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Default BBQ Priorities POll #1 - What do we Learn to Cook For First?

I have always wanted to do this, and so I have tweeked the questions to get you to vote on the priorities.

Ever searched "Brisket Questions?" One common theme I see is too many things trying to be mastered at one time.

So in proper scientific form we should logically slow down and master one thing before we master another and likewise, in a given ordered strategy.

Which is More Important to master first; creating a good BBQ to EAT and satisfy the masses FIRST? or to create BBQ that Places Well of WINs amongst a few Judges. Those of you paying close attention know they are two different things. Consider the temptation of many newbies to think, hey I will skip this first step and just try to concentrate on winning.

Comments are encouraged but the VOTE will be all that matters in this series.

From the vote the brethren will establish an "official" consensus sort of.
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