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Originally Posted by john
Why not just finish them on Friday and reheat them on Saturday? That should give you even more time on Saturday.
Because I won't get home from work on Friday till about 5pm. 45min-1hour to get a good fire going. Then Butts on by 6. Make some BBQ sauce. Smoke till Midnight. Foil and cooler until morning

Up at 8. Ribs and fatties on by 9. Fatties off by 11:30 slice one for a late breakfast. Marinate some chicken for a lady coming who doesn't eat red meat. Make a bowl of Tunafish salad. Make a bowl of Coleslaw at 1 pm. Start some BBQ Beans and put foiled butts in oven at 225 at 2pm. Chicken goes on, Ribs come off and get foiled at 3 pm Heat. Sausages go on, Start Green beans, and start making Tuna-Cream Cheese Quesadillas for guests at 4pm. Also served sliced fatties. Pull Pork at 5pm. Serve dinner around 6pm.

This is my plan. I'm open to suggestions on this.

Wait! Bigmista wrote a cookbook?

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