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Originally Posted by Meat Burner View Post
Ron, I like your hitch pin idea. It can be tricky getting the botton grate in and out with stationary bolts for the top grate. Nice idea bro. I would be very leary of only using three points to hold any grate. From experience, it may surprise you how easy it is to dump a brisket into the bottom of your barrel. Four points would be a lot safer. Keep us posted as it looks great so far. Hope the fire basket works out. It might make a real hot spot in the center of the grate. Let us know.
Thanks Meat... I'll install another in the wider gap since I forgt to measure twice and drill once. I have a wider space on one side so that will be the forth ubolt. I have 4 Hitch Pins for the top rack adn drilled for 4, just need to get the washers and extra pins.

First burn in progress. I'm not sure it's getting hot enough high enough in the barrel. Bottm looks good and hot and is burning the outside, but the top still has the original paint on the outside? Should I be concerned? I'm going to do another burn, just curious how I should make certin it gets to the top. I had flames shooting out??? Still not convinced it did 100% burn.
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