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Found some matches.
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I havn't been around the forum too much lately. Just learning this myself with the help of the Bretheren and a whole lot of trial and error. (mostly error) but my 2 cents worth. A couple of weeks ago I found a 6 pound Butt at Sam's Club and then while visiting K mart found a sale on Picnics. Figured what the heck. Put them both on my SKD. After 5 hours I foiled the butt and let the picnic go another 5. Foiled it and brought it up to 205* in a 250* oven. Then cooled both to 160* and pulled. Both pulled easily but the was a distinct difference in the flavor. Wifey preferred the butt, however I was content just to have pulled pork sammiches reguadless of the source. Doin a 12 pound butt tommorrow and going to try a few fatties for the first time.
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