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The Stoker works extremely well in my Mac setup. Connections to go wireless to my home network and the internet (my iphone, or any computer anywhere) were very easy and took minutes to set up.

While the Stoker can be monitored and controlled without StokerLog, this software is very handy for logging a cook. StokerLog is not Mac compatible. i thought that I would not bother trying to get StokerLof to work, and that I would be perfectly happy with the Stoker's control and Twitter support on the Stoker webpage, but I ended up really liking StokerLog. So, I use Parallels to get a Windows environment on my machine, and then run StokerLog. It's not necesary, but it does increase the utility of the Stoker.

Here's a thread I started when I first got my Stoker:

This is an example of what StokerLog looks like:

And if you make a Twitter account (mine is Stoke_Me), you can get the Stoker to Tweet you at regular intervals with your pit/food temps:

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