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Originally Posted by Emil View Post
From what I understand tractor hydraulics operate at a lot less pressure than say a motor and pump mounted on your splitter. An 8 horse motor and pump will split wood better(more force) than a tractor. Not saying they don't work.
They actually work quite well. My Dad has a 3 pt hitch splitter that he uses and its split a LOT of wood.

Also... to convert this, since I have access to tractors, which already have an engine and a pump.. its cheaper. All I need to do is get some new hoses and couplers... not a new pump, tank, filter, engine..
Would I like to have a gas powered splitter.. well, sure! That way I wouldn't have to borrow a tractor from the neighbors..not that they mind, they'll be using the splitter too I'm sure...
Not trying to re-invent the wheel... just making life easier.
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