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Default How would a KCBS judge evaluate a half chicken?

Just a thought experiment here while I'm waiting for the first contest in the spring....

Suppose I could find some really small cornish game hens, or maybe some baby chickens--small enough that I could fit six half-chickens in standard clamshell. I'm not sure if such a thing is possible, but it's a thought experiment so let's pretend it is.

After judging appearance, how would you, as a KCBS judge, evaluate the taste and tenderness? Would you leave the chicken intact, or would you break it into pieces? Would you take just one or two bites, and if so, where? Your favorite part of the chicken? Or, alternatively, would you taste all of the major parts--a bite of thigh, a bite of leg, another of breast and maybe the wing, too?

I'm not sure if I would have the guts to do this, but, still, got to wondering...

--frank in Wilson, NY
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