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Originally Posted by T-Bird View Post
First drum I got was 22 3/4" diameter, Weber lid wouldn't fit. Second drum was 22 1/2", Weber lid fits like it was made for it...

My donor Weber 22,5" fits perfectly on my UDS.
Recently I scored a 2nd hand Weber 18,5" for my Midi UDS.
After seeing your drum yesterday I decided to go further with mine.
The lid doesn't fit perfectly like the 22,5" lid does on the yellow UDS but I made a phonecall today to the place that welded my charcoal basket,gonna drop by tomorrow morning to let them fabricate a charcoal basket again and see if they can make my lid fit.
I do have a smaller barrel where the Weber lid fits perfectly on the drum lip so probably I'm gonna take that drum with me just in case so if needed they can cut the lip of the drum and weld it to the lip of the midi drum.
Probably gonna ask them first if they can do something to the lip like make it thinner/flatter.

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