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Originally Posted by G$ View Post
Thanks for the quick reply Merl, as always.

Can you answer the part about any recent contests approved that came in under the 90 day rule?
I don't think there are any! From what I gather, this rule is set in concrete (and perhaps it shouldn't be!).

Just from my personal experience, one of the best contests I cooked was a licensed, not sanctioned (because of 90 days), contest in New Orleans at the Convention Center last August. The organizers couldn't get a commitment from the venue in time to make 90 days. Best new contest I've ever cooked. Excellent site, attentive staff/volunteers getting things done, good power and water. In my opinion, this contest would have been a real feather in KCBS's listing of sanctioned events. Thank goodness, there is a licensing agreement in place to at least provide structure for the contest.
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