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KCBS believes that most contest require a 6 mos time line. But our absolute is rule is 90 days. KCBS puts it name and reputation on the contest. We do not sanction contest that might or might not work in 30 days. We believe the 90 days is a minimum to have complied with all requirements.

There has been a push that we should bend the rules for certain organizers. I do not agree with that. I believe all organizers were created equally, and all of the rules should apply to each contest.

KCBS is about rules and the rules for organizers are just as important to applied to each as the rules for cooks.

That is a very brief explanation. There is so much more involved. Read the sanctioning agreement. An application less than 90 days is already out of compliance with the requirements for sanctioning.

The policy is for the benefit of the cooks and all involved. We have enough issues over contest which try to change pay outs or do not pay as advertised.

Thank you for asking a very good question.
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