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If you want to survive in this business AND have a life, get a used Friedrich smoker oven off ebay....Anyone that thinks the FEC cranks out better que than an electric smoker, just hasn't tried a's self cleaning sound ? how's set it and forget it sound ? true convection rather than one fan blowing around air ?

Here in Buffalo we have several bbq restaurants and caterers that have either borrowed mine or bought one from me and that's after they've owned southern don't see them around much nor do you hear a lot about them in the bbq world because the units were made as a one time contract with Winn Dixie grocery stores back in the late eighties and nineties.....other than a few bbq shows and restaurant shows that I've done with them in the last five years, they are not actively marketed due to their core business being for large smokehouses for the meat packing industry. Ask anyone that owns one, they are the best for providing absolutely foolproof consistent results as well as the juiciest bbq out there.
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