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I think that having a piped exhaust is just a personal preference but not an end all, be all, requirement, same for having a raised air intake. It was just the direction I took my build. In the beginning of my DrumPit, I used
cheap sheet magnets to manage the air intakes, but over time they
lost their magnetism and I have since switched over to ceramic magnets.
I use the lower Drum Clamp to meld my original DrumPit with the extension I added, the upper Drum Clamp I use for overnight cooks, lock it down and keep the neighbors and critters outta my Pit!!!

Originally Posted by caliking View Post
N8man: thanks for the tips. I like your DrumPit, especially the portability. I was going to use the ball valve to regulate the intake, but your magnet seems to be a cheaper option - maybe I can save a few bucks. Was going to drill intakes in the bottom and use nipples with caps, but I think I'll switch to the magnet/hole combo.

Does adding the stack to the exhaust add anything in particular? i have seen some folks add one, but not all.

I also noticed that you still have the bolt ring on your drummie. Does that help keep it air tight during the cook?

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