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Originally Posted by jack040806 View Post
I just have had some briskets on my uds that had more of a salty smoky flavor throughout. This could completely be just one of those things though that the direct heat of the uds provides a slightly different flavor profile than the indirect on the wsm.
I think you hit the nail on the head here. With a UDS without a heat deflector, all the fat drippings fall directly on your charcoal bed, resulting in a more intense flavor. Some people think it tastes better, some people don't.

That brings up the age old cooking question, do you prepare food the way YOU like it or the way other people do. If you prefer the flavor profile of a UDS smoked brisket over a WSM, then just go with the UDS. I'm like you, I love an intense smokey flavor, but I've been happy with the briskets I've produced on the WSM.
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